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Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.0 Stars)

Number of reviews: 56



5.0 star rating GrandmaB from Chicago, Illinois


We took our 3 year old grandson and we all had a great time! Bring your ear plugs and enjoy the show👍 Can’t wait till Nov to see monster trucks show again

5.0 star rating Lourie cummins from Hico tx


All the staff were very helpful and friendly. Such great people work with smiles on there face and very helpful. Very respectful. Thank you all so much.

5.0 star rating Gaby from Fresno, California


The best show ever

5.0 star rating R . F from Calgary, Alberta


We loved the Monster Jam show in Calgary ! Parking was not an issue , we even had a free shuttle service to the stadium as we parked near BMO ( you need to pay 15$ for parking ). Everything from the stunts on the ramp to back flips was phenomenol. The entire crowd which mostly included kids of all ages were cheering and enjoying throughout. This is a must to go even if you do not know about monster jam cars. Watching these characters go live was breath taking and a memorable experience for us. Music was amazing and added to the lively air filled with applauds . We had a bonus show of bikers flying in the air who did not let us blonk even for a second. My kids are awaiting to bool tickets for 2024 in Calgary again!

4.0 star rating from Detroit, Michigan


The show it self was absoulty amazing, this is my second year coming to Monster Jam and my 12th show. All we wanted to do was take a picture in front of the trucks right after the show and the security guards we very rude. All we wanted was one simple picture and we would have got out of the building. Last year when we went he actually had a security guard take our picture. There attitude and the people skills they had towards us was extremely unnecessary for the task we wanted to do. We were not causing any trouble or harm to anyone. We did not appreciate to rude tone and attitude they had towards us. It was extremely unprofessional. The show itself though was amazing.

4.0 star rating Alberto from Memphis, Tennessee


Since it was our 1st time we (2 adults, 2 boys, 6 & 12) purchased the cheaper tickets at Southaven MS. Show started slowly and had some top names- Grave Digger, Max D, Megladon, Jokester. Pretty good show and halftime bikes. Show lasted 2.5 hrs. Concessions high as usual. Nothing hot except nachos/popcorn. 2 nachos and med drink $14. Could have been worse. 2pm Show had good crowd. Energy was good and good drivers. Soldier of fortune was fun to watch. She won the show. 1st and last time for us. 6 year old stared at peoples food as much as the trucks even though he loves his monster truck toys. Had to take him atleast one time. Would recommend our show. The other reviews sound pretty bad.

4.0 star rating G.Bolton from Spokane, Washington


As we entered the Spokane arena for the Monster Jam event, my family and I couldn't help but feel excited. It was our first time attending such an event, and we were all looking forward to a thrilling and unforgettable experience. Although the arena was a bit small, we quickly settled in and soaked up the atmosphere. Our toddler was especially thrilled since we were celebrating his 3rd birthday, and he kept pointing at the gigantic trucks with a look of wonder in his eyes. As the competition kicked off, I found myself drawn to the Grave Digger truck. It was hard to miss with its iconic black and green paint job and massive size. I learned that it was one of the oldest and most successful trucks in the competition, with numerous wins and championships under its belt. No wonder it was a fan favorite and everything was advertised around it. However, I couldn't help but feel that the other participants deserved more recognition and opportunities to sell their merch. Each truck and driver brought their unique skills and personality to the competition, and it would be great to see more attention given to all of them. As the night went on, we were treated to some incredible performances from the drivers, including some impressive dirt bike stunts. It was an unforgettable experience for our family, and we left the arena feeling tired but happy. Overall, I'm glad we attended the Monster Jam event in Spokane, and I'm sure we'll be back for more excitement in the future.

3.0 star rating Sherry N from Tampa Fl


Was very disappointing. We have been to several shows an what a let down. Start time was at 3:00 an was over by 5:30. Which was suppose to last until 7:00. All the trucks were broke. Was not worth the money we paid.

3.0 star rating Unbelievable from Phoenix, Arizona


We’ve been to all of the monster jam shows since my son was 3 and now 11. The show is great don’t get me wrong my son loves it, but the prices are ridiculously $15 dollars for stale popcorn and $25 dollars for a snow cone cup!! That’s a rip-off so sad. I could just imagine the prices when they come again.

3.0 star rating Lexi from Dayton, Ohio


The monster jam show was amazing! Enjoyed it so much! However, the security guard out front tonight was very rude! I was standing outside waiting in line for the show. I am a woman and when I have to use the bathroom I have to go. He told me no and that I was not allowed and then proceeded to laugh about it and let others use the bathroom. Not cool and a total jerk.

3.0 star rating Justin from Austin, Texas


Monster Jam was fun, and the kids enjoyed it. The Moody Center, however, leaves a lot to be desired. First, it's owned by Ticketmaster, so be prepared to pay a fortune in fees. Parking is $40. Bottled waters are $5, tiny popcorns are $5, and pretzels are $8. Beers go up to $18 each. I get that venue concessions are overpriced, but this is ridiculous. Venue was too small to host the event, so the trucks never got to do really amazing stunts. It was mostly small jumps over a tiny hill in the middle of the floor. Really, if you can, avoid the Moody Center.

3.0 star rating Greg from Orlando, Florida


we bought the tickets to the pit party so our son can see the drivers, the trucks, and do the monster truck ride. We tried two different times, and the attendant said the monster truck ride was shut down because the truck was broken however, they continued to take people on rides. we were almost not allowed into the event because my bag was not clear but they were homeless people with huge garbage bags inside the pit, take stuff out of the trash cans and fill the coolers up with the ice left over from the people walking around selling drinks, They are charging $10 to go down a dirty slide that was free last year. People were smoking cigars right in the party and in the lines the smoke was so heavy you could barely breathe. THE TRUCK SHOW IS THE ONLY REASON WE WILL BE RETURNING. Save your money from the pit party and buy your child something from the souvenir shop instead. I promise they would much rather have that than to be surrounded by smoke and hounded by homeless people for money

2.0 star rating Arie Pekar from Hamilton, Ontario


I was disappointed at this show, they spent more time showing us commercials on the jumbtron for kids toys we ought to be buying , the rest of the time was ATV time trails and then at the end for 15min they finally brought out the monster trucks to do some freestyle which you could tell the trucks didn't want to get any dirt on them as they just drove up and down on a ramp, i think i saw 2 trucks do jump over 10ft which is not that impressive in the monster truck world.

2.0 star rating Jenn from Orlando, Florida


I grew up going to Monster Jam and over the years it’s gone down hill. We recently took our two children to see Monster Jam at Camping World stadium January 2019. First, they didn’t have most of the main trucks that the whole reason we come to see Monster Jam is to see all the main trucks. They have several trucks that no one has ever heard of and they were not nearly as constructed as Max-D or Grave Digger etc. it seemed like all the drivers were being cautious, they weren’t making nearly the jumps that we are used to seeing. It was also extremely annoying to watch majority of the trucks break apart after one run othe track. It was all about advertising which was also annoying. They had no half time shoe or performance which was boring. I’m not sure we will ever be back. They need to step there game up and make it more exciting for the fans.

2.0 star rating HB from Indianapolis, Indiana


Unfortunately, not much happened tonight. Trucks broke down, easily flipped out of commission, & even the music quit for some time. Not worth the money, this year. 🙁

2.0 star rating Katie from Langley, British Columbia


Very tiny arena, not much room to do anything. Just one dirt ramp in the middle that was it. My 4 year old was bored to tears and we left half way through. It has really gone down hill. Not worth the money at all.

2.0 star rating Sam from Grand Rapids, Michigan


First off, it was obvious Grave Digger (GD) was going to win overall. The moment you walk in all you see is GD merch. You can't even buy a bag of cotton candy without also paying for a GD mask. This venue is much too small of a space to have these trucks. There's no option to get any speed and their abilities are very limited. Bring back Bigfoot. let the voting actually be accurate. And sell things for all the trucks. Not just the one that paid you the most to host this event. BTW, we paid $20 for cotton candy (because there was no option to buy without the mask) and $15 for a snow cone (because there was no option to buy without a merch cup). This event is a money pit and not worth the ticket price. Up your game Monster Jam and stop price gouging. Then next time we may consider coming back.

2.0 star rating Dad from Maryland from Maryland


Took my 9 year old son to Monster Jam at Capitol One Area in DC on 1/25. I was shocked how small the arena was and even more disappointed to see multiple cars breakdown after attempting minor jumps and tricks at low speeds. Save your money next time this show comes to an arena that is used for basketball or hockey. My rec: Look for shows in larger venues.

2.0 star rating James from Houston, Texas


Stop doing Monster Jam at these tiny indoor arenas. The tricks are lackluster - most of the 'entertainment' is the loud music, dirt bikes, and videos on the jumbotron. If you tune that out and actually watch what the trucks are doing, it's pitiful. There's no space for them to maneuver. Glad my kids were too small to realize the trucks weren't doing anything impressive. These shows give Monster Jam a bad name. Just an advertising gimmick.

2.0 star rating John from Austin, Texas


Way too small for Monster Jam. Pit Pass is a complete ripoff. Trucks and the motorcycles at “half time” could not do much. Because the place is way too small. Cedar park center would be much better. My 6 year old enjoyed it. But I think I spent $200 for 3 tickets and pit pass plus probably $100 in food, water and drinks. I will never go to such a small venue.

2.0 star rating from Grand Rapids, Michigan


This is the second time I've been to a Monster Jam show. The first one was in 2019 and was a great show. This year (2022) my son and I saw it again at the same place (Van Andel Arena) and it was a huge letdown. The drivers seemed either very inexperienced or totally holding back. One of the drivers looked like he wasn't even old enough to get a driver's license. There was just one jump in the middle that kept getting ruined. Some the trucks stayed parked in the corners preventing the other trucks from getting any real speed/air. There were several breakdowns and a lot of time where nothing was happening. When the trucks were jumping their back tires hardly got off the ground. Only one of the truck tried doing a back flip and failed. The dirtbikes during the half time show were the most exciting part. Based on this show I won't be going again. Not worth the price of tickets, parking, and price-gouging on snacks/drinks inside the arena.

2.0 star rating Scott from Denver, Colorado


Parking was not handled well. Concessions were not handled well. Really poorly run.

2.0 star rating Blue Bird from Green Bay, Wisconsin


For what we paid (about $400 for tickets and $150 for souvenirs and concessions) at this small venue, Resch Center in Green Bay, it was very disappointing. Slow pace, not much action. The only truck that was reasonably good was Grave Digger. The sound system needs work as it was difficult to understand the announcers 90% of the time. It seems there is not enough room for most of these trucks to maneuver. Costs of concessions were very high as well as the merchandise. While I expect to pay more at these venues it seemed a bit over the top for the show that was presented.

2.0 star rating JP from Nashville, Tennessee


By far, the weakest MJ I've seen. I try to only go to outdoor stadiums where the performance is typically way better than the indoor shows. The one at Nissan Stadium on 6/25/22 was the biggest waste of $400.00 for me in a long time. Half the trucks as normal and a lot of big names were absent. The show lasted 1:45.... It took 1 hour to park.... Just seemed like a poor effort to put on a good show. Ill think twice next year...

2.0 star rating Greene from Heber City, Utah


All the other trucks/drivers brought nothing to the show. The two ram trucks only did donuts and little jumps. Earth Shaker was the best truck and the driver Trisitan was on point. Kids were dissapointed that there was only one truck able to do big tricks and a backflip. The videos they show during the show were more exciting. Huge let down. Kids only enjoyed Earth Shaker and the FMX half time show.

2.0 star rating Brandon Miller from Rochester, Washington


We have been going to Monster Jam every year since I was a kid. Now I have kids of my own and we still go, however the shows are getting worse and worse and the tickets more expensive. They used to crush cars and have and awesome mid show, now it's just an over priced event. Sorry monster jam, you were out favorite, now it's a joke.

2.0 star rating Alisha Lancaster from Houston, Texas


My family is 100% dedicated to the monster jam and every year we never have a problem....EVERY year we get early access passes to avoid the long lines so we can get family pictures with the drivers and autographs at 1:30 when we were let in I tried to buy the yearbook for the autographs and I was told I had to wait until 2:30 to buy the book then when I asked why all of a sudden this yr early access people can't buy souvenirs she told me to calm down and come back at 2:30... luckily I was able to find another vendor that wasn't an idiot and I was able to purchase the book...we still love monster jam and will continue to come every year but the people at the souvenir booths need to get it together

2.0 star rating Micky Mccubbin from Des Moines, Iowa


Took 20 minutes of driving in circles looking for a place to park. Spent another 25 minutes between walking 2 blocks then wandering around looking for our section. Asked 4 employees and 2 police/security guys. Were uneducated on the building or was very rude. Finally found s our $100 seats at half time. Second half was lame. Never will I ever waste my money for a disaster of a show. Completely dissatisfied with the entire show/arena. Would greatly appreciate a full refund for my waste of an afternoon

2.0 star rating from Evansville, Indiana


We were very disappointed in the Pit Passes. Pits opened at 10am, we arrived at 10:45am and were not allowed in some of the lines do to the length. At 11:40 they started shutting everything down and making us leave the arena even though were were standing in line for activities.

2.0 star rating Katy Bruce from Nashville, Tennessee


The pit party was a HUGE disappointment!! There wasn’t anything to do or see! I saw more at Touch a Truck that was a free event a few weeks ago in Franklin. There was 1 truck that just said monster jam on it and the line was extremely long just to take a picture near it! No other monster trucks to see or climb in or anything!! The drivers were sitting under a large white tent signing, but those lines were soo long ppl said they waited over 45 minutes. Nothing else!! We walked around looking for something to see. No monster trucks, no drivers walking around greeting people, no music, no food trucks, no bubbles, no face painting, no side games or races…it was a large empty parking lot with tons of people walking around lost, We finally decided to just wait in line to buy a monster truck. We waited 35 minutes just for them to stop selling anything bc of some thunder and for the “safety of their staff!!!” The other people around me were sooo mad and started yelling that they had waited for over an hour standing in line just for them to finally get to the front and get turned down. I couldn’t even buy my son a monster truck!! We paid $120 per ticket with 10 of my family members and our kids! For nothing What a rip off!! The show was ok, but super slow and my son lost interest with the 20 minutes in between each truck coming out! So disappointed!! I had high hopes for this show and we’ve waited all summer for this!

2.0 star rating T. Syvenky from Edmonton, Alberta


We spent over $500 for our family to attend Monster Jam in Edmonton this year. We were very disappointed. The venue is very nice but way too small for this event. They tried but it just couldn't compete with Commonwealth Stadium from last year. My advise for next year is if it's not held at an outdoor venue don't bother its not worth the money. Still love the trucks and the action but there needs to be more room for the drivers to perform their magic!!

2.0 star rating Jeremy massey from Des Moines, Iowa


It felt like some of the drivers didn't really try hard at all. All the trucks except for 2 trucks broke down before the finals freestyle competition. I don't know if I will go back again if they're not gonna give their all after we payed good money. Zombie was the best one Grave Digger let everybody down and el toro loco.

1.0 star rating from Providence, Rhode Island


My boyfriend and I went Monster Jam for the first time. We are both big into cars, trucks, racing, etc and thought this would be really exciting. Nope. The best trick we saw was a nose wheelie the entire night. The trucks didn't do much besides a few basic jumps, so the excitement ends very early in the night. The audience judges the majority of the contests, which was disappointing because they just pick their favorite drivers. The drivers did not do anything spectacular or worth almost $60, mostly taxes. Not impressed. Probably won't go back.

1.0 star rating Denice from Chicago, Illinois


Not at all what I expected. Truck after truck broke down. No flips. No jumping over cars. The guy throwing around boomerangs at intermission was stupid. A lot of down time. Not worth what we paid for tickets.

1.0 star rating Evans from Charleston sc


Boring!!! Three trucks broke down no conclusion gravedigger brokdown during last run Watched some fool throwing a boomerang in arena was the best entertainment tonight

1.0 star rating Donna Fiedler from Chicago, Illinois


The show moved very slow, very little action. Trucks were flipping easily and out of commission much of the show. I felt completely ripped off! $25/ car to park, water for $6 and without caps - you were given open bottles of water that you had to navigate with snacks, food, e.t.c. MOST of the show was used for advertising other marketing items sold on-site, which were also very expensive. We won't be back.

1.0 star rating Jay a from Hartford, Connecticut


What a joke. it was way more expensive inside than the real monster jam. everything was a mess. it was so over crowded. just overall a horrible experience.

1.0 star rating Astrid from Miami, Florida


Paid $70 a person to watch a few trucks go over mud mound a few times with many breaks in between so you would have to buy food,rides, and toys, out of boredom. Was Disorganized and dirty. (I got all muddy just from walking around in the designated areas) We were told by the sales person who sold us the ticket that show would end between 4:00pm to 4:15pm. At 3:30 after a car tipped over from driving recklessly too close to another car, they announcer on the loud speaker suddenly stopped talking. So everyone kind of had to figure out that this meant we should all leave. No "thank you all for coming, see you next time" nothing. Tried to get our money back, but got no where with the manager. Don't waste you money on this.

1.0 star rating Victoria from El Paso, Texas


All they did was jump around. My 4 year old son was bored in the first 30 minutes and was asking to go home.

1.0 star rating Bre from Grand Rapids, Michigan


Paid $250 bucks for 4 tickets… Trucks went 30 mins.. then they did A HOUR half time. Witch was spent almost the whole time with them setting up a ramp for the dirt bikes ( very slowly you just watch people walk around forever ) Trucks rains one more time maybe 20 mins at the end and it was over… one very small hill and no one did anything, other then driving over it barley getting air. Supper bummed. Everyone was scared to do anything cool.. 80% of the show know trucks were even out.. felt like a scam and a wast of money. Don’t expect to see anything like you see from advertising or commercials. They spend 15+ mins trying to sell you toys during the show… Save your money!! They could of done so much better.

1.0 star rating Bud from Albany, New York


more chatter than action and the "action" wasn't up to the hype.

1.0 star rating T.B. from Albany, New York


I grew up going to monster jam. This was not it. There was a tiny mound of dirt in the middle and the same 3 tricks were done over and over. It was too small for anything to be done. Even the donuts were small because the other trucks were in the way. I think there was only 5 trucks? Then the half time. They took forever to set up a huge ramp for motocross bikes where they did probably the most. The "crowd engagers" said we're going to find the loudest person in the whole arena. Walked on section? $20 for a grave digger cup and one scoop icy. All around disappointed. K wish I could include videos It was not even packed maybe 20% capacity.

1.0 star rating Lauren from Charlotte, North Carolina


Honestly the worst show I've ever been to. No cool tricks or anything. Just driving over a dirt hill over and over.....if this saves one person their time and money, then that's a victory. I hated every minute. Booooorrriiiiinnnng!

1.0 star rating DAVE G from New York, New York



1.0 star rating from Birmingham, Alabama


Boring! Some of the monster trucks did not have a hood- broke at an earlier performance. Only 1-2 trucks actually did a cool trick.

1.0 star rating Xrp since birth from Portland, Oregon


Show was lame, paid way too much money for lunch over 100$ for nasty chicken strips, cold tots, $6 Water, 8$ nasty hotdogs, cold pretzels and long lines. Got ripped off o. The grave digger snow cones. Told they were 13$ and checked my account after the show and was charged $50 for two. Scammer vendors. My county fair puts on a better show. Should of paid me to watch. Not impressed.

1.0 star rating Al Bjorn from Detroit, Michigan


Very disappointed and all the guys that were driving know that talk about a lame show you guys laid back big time for what reason I have no idea I've been going to these shows for a long time and this was probably the worst one I've seen , also the setup for pit passes that we did really sucked compared to what we used to do lines are way too long you guys trying to micromanage really sad was definitely not worth the money p.s you drivers should be ashamed of yourself she never put money in front of a show. Maybe y'all should retire and get some new blood.

1.0 star rating Jerry Coley from Columbus, Ohio


After spending almost $1000 to take my grandkids to monster jam I must say that I was extremely disappointed in the show. Not many trucks, no race, and no freestyle. I will never return to this venue. My grandkids are monster jam nuts and we follow to many different arena and this was by far the worst. Save your money and go to the Nutter center. Still a small show, but at least a show. Very disappointed!!!!

1.0 star rating John from Montgomery County, MD


It's boring. So boring. Sooo boring. Monster trucks are interesting things to look at for about 2 minutes, for kids, try 1.5 minutes. There's nothing for them to do. You hit ramps, turn around, hit more ramps. Do that one it again...again...and the the pacing. My god the pacing is glacial.

1.0 star rating Brittany from Evansville, Indiana


I went to Monster Jam as a kid for years (i am only 32 now). Even as a female who doesn't understand vehicles, I enjoyed it. So I planned a whole weekend getaway around this event for my daughter's (13 yr and 10yr). Spent over $1000 on the weekend (tickets for almost $400 for a family of 4.) Thank God, my kids couldn't compare it to the shows I grew up watching so they were still content but bored. I was completely embarrassed for talking up MJ to my kids. Only one dirt pile, 5 trucks, and 3 motorbikes, were at this show. It also seems more centered around little boys aged 2 to 6 now because of the ads, boomerang throwing guy, and the toy give away. It was a more mature show when I was a kid and teen. This was a one and done experience for my family. Hopefully it was just due to the small arena. Purchase tickets at your own risk.

1.0 star rating from Edmonton, Alberta


Having this outdoors at commonwealth made way more sense. Tightly packed in and couldnt do much. Loud because of the building, and the exhaust fumes really built up and gave my 5 year old a headache by the end. I wont be back if its held at rogers place again.

1.0 star rating Fool me once... from Atlanta, Georgia


Saw the show on Saturday, 09-09-2023. Gas South Arena is an "arena," not a stadium (I'm learning and wasn't aware of the difference prior to now). Super stoopid small. Basically trucks could only run at 1/4 capacity. Very disappointing and very boring and lots of working/manipulating the crowd due to the natural lack of engagement. I contacted Feld Entertainment to complain, they were completely unapologetic and said the show sold out. We were a group of four, the three or four seats next to us were empty as well as about 10-15% of the rest of the arena. At this point I'm not sure even going to a stadium would be worth it. Lots of complaints about the stinginess/metered approach of Monster Jam where $ seems to be everything.

1.0 star rating J D’Pont from Worcester, Massachusetts


A few routine Jumps to run over 4 or 5 cars. A lot of gill time. The best show was in the middle where 3 motocross bikers jumped a ramp and did aero stunts. That was the best in 2 and half hours. Saw monster truck events on YouTube. Puts this show to shame. The DCU is a relatively small venue. Maybe they need a bigger arena outdoors on sand or mud.

1.0 star rating Nadia from Seattle, Washington


We love monster jam! But unfortunately, Tacoma dome ruined it. I am appalled by level of incompetence and disorganization. It took us 1.5 hour to park and get into the building! We missed 30 min of show just to find out that my kids couldn’t see half of the arena because there was huge white installation hanging from the ceiling. I asked for a refund, but ofc was told that tickets were not refundable. I recommend avoiding the location, especially if you have young kids.

1.0 star rating Joe from Jacksonville, Florida


Lightening and rain stopped the show.. prices were off the hook for kids treats.. beer.. food… what a waste.. a refund or partial refund should be given. The show did not go on!

1.0 star rating Never Again from Denver, Colorado


Five tickets for $600 and not a single trick performed by the trucks. They can't perform in the mud. Not worth the 20 minute drive to the stadium. It was pathetic. Horrible letdown.

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