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Rent Reviews

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Average customer review: 2.0 star rating (2.1 Stars)

Number of reviews: 77



5.0 star rating Kimberly from Detroit, Michigan


Loved it. Gave me goosebumps. Amazing voices. You all rocked it!!!!

5.0 star rating Valerie Harris from SF Bay Area, California


I was lucky enough to see this show when it first came out. I’ve seen some of the original cast members; I’ve seen it in London; I’ve seen local productions, and a touring production here in San Francisco. I bought the movie and the CDs by the original Broadway cast. I know this show and its songs by heart. When I attending the limited appearance of the 20th anniversary release at the Golden Gate Theatre, I was hoping for a decent rendition. What I got was a true and perfect laudation to the genius of the original work. The cast members were gritty and raw and delivered the messages of the storyline, but nuanced the show with enough of their personalities and their talent to make this not a tribute piece, but their own work of art. I loved every minute of every performance. I wasn’t the only one. When the show ended, the cast got a 10-minute standing ovation. Please don’t miss this gem – this is one to cherish for the ages. Eat at the Waystone (Market St) before/afterwards,

5.0 star rating Robert Singer from Los Angeles, California


We are Rent fans and have seen the play over 20 times.Many of the productions were amateurish but we took a chance anyway because we love the show so much. This (20th anniversary Pantages) production is the best in over 10 years. The cast tore the house down last night (Jan 25) We are going back Sunday and it aint cheap..but that's how good it is. They are sold out but if you can find a ticket..go...go...go!! P.S. Not a good play for at Delphines across the street before play!

5.0 star rating Michelle Crim from Richmond, Virginia


From the opening song till the very last note, these characters take you on a journey of how to deal with life in tent city in late 1980-1990 when the AIDS crisis started. Each character brings something different to the musical. Very well written and I am happy that still after 20 yrs this musical reach people and touches hearts.

5.0 star rating Kenny B from Red Bank, nj


Highlights were Angel, Tom Collins, Maureen and Joanne duet. I highly recommend anyone getting a chance to see this show with this cast. I saw the show on broadway years ago and struggled to follow the story and many different pieces. Tonight I was so in tune and Clearly understood why this story was such a great work of art..

5.0 star rating Gayle from Pittsburgh, PA


It’s sad to read reviews from people who apparently had no idea what RENT was about! The show itself is a time piece - so how can it be outdated ???? It took place at the end of the millennium- all of the issues were AND STILL are relevant! The cast was the most talented cast I have seen on any touring production. Major kudos to this cast and crew for gracing us with your talent and dedication to this timeless piece! I talked to many people sitting around me who felt the same way! Your passion to deliver this message shines through. So happy to have seen this cast doing RENT justice. We laughed, cried, and sang along. HIGHLY recommended!

5.0 star rating Beverly Holzer from Denver, Colorado


Being a NY native, I was fortunate enough to see this wonderful show on Broadway, followed by every tour through Denver. When the movie came out, I felt it raised the bar a bit, with most of the original cast and a performance off a stage. These wonderful actors had some big shoes to fill. They succeeded! Cast beautifully, each character bought a slightly different sound to their role. This was fine, but there were times, I was wanting to hear the song sung the way I remembered. Of course, I also wanted to sing the entire show out loud, which would probably have been fine in NY. I thoroughly enjoyed each performer even though they were not the original Angel, Maureen, Mark, Joanne, Tom..... I'm not sure if the stage size has changed, but this set felt cramped. Of course compared to the movie yes, but this was the only aspect of the performance that I felt hindered the production. ABSOLUTELY, go see this show!

5.0 star rating Frank V from Denver, Colorado


We went Thursday night. The cast was truly amazing. Have seen the play several times here and in NYC and i must say the voices of the current cast were as good as any show. What a treat!

5.0 star rating Angela Miranda from hershey, Pennsylvania


ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I’ve wanted to see this live for years and this was worth the wait. Cast & crew applause to you !

5.0 star rating Peter Reimer from Vancouver, British Columbia


First time seeing RENT live and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The standing ovation was well deserved. I will definitely see this show again!

5.0 star rating Anne from Prairieville, Louisiana


I have loved Rent ever since I was introduced to it in the early 00’s. I see people complaining about singing, chemistry etc. I have to say I did not see any of those issues. The singing was dynamic, the portrayals were believable. I sang along the whole show but at times became so wrapped up in the performance I forgot to sing. I would recommend seeing this tour to anyone that loves Rent but would also recommend investing in Kleenex when you go.

5.0 star rating Steve Perrone from Morristown, New Jersey


The cast was great theater was great over all it was just like being in NYC for the show

4.0 star rating Diane from St. Louis, Missouri


I love Rent! As a Chicago native, I saw it when it first came to Chicago oh, so many years ago. I bought the CD by the original cast, saw the movie numerous times in theaters and bought the DVD. I know every song and line by heart - note for note. I was impressed by the cast, Maureen (a joy to watch), Joanne (her vocals are amazing), Mark (perfectly cast), Collins (man, can that guy sing!), and a female member of the ensemble who has a solo in the Seasons of Love song (that girl has pipes on her that you would not believe!). My only not-so-good takeaways were Roger (screams during most songs, and seemed tired), Mimi (couldn't hold the notes all the way through; dancing was great, but seemed unconvincing; Maureen stole the show from Mimi), (I hate to say this, but...) Angel was dynamic, but lost his breath throughout the numbers. So some of the lines came out rushed. The music itself seemed rushed, with blunt transitions between scenes. But I still gave a standing ovation! Worth it!

4.0 star rating Haley from Seattle, Washington


The performance was overall awesome! Mark, Angel, Collins, Maurine, and Joanne were that stars of the show. Mimi was a huge disappointment in every aspect, and roger was a bit over the top with his acting and got a little screamy when he sings. The show its self was just like the movie and the production was breath taking!!!! I have been such a huge fan and that was a huge highlight in my life was being able to see it on broadway! I loved it!!!!

4.0 star rating from Louisville, Kentucky


We saw it Saturday afternoon and really enjoyed it! Angel, Maureen, Joanne and the girl who sang the solo in Seasons of Love have amazing voices! Mimi was a huge disappointment voice wise since Out Tonight is a favorite and she butchered it!! We were top balcony, so we really couldn’t see faces. Will get closer seats next time.

3.0 star rating Don from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Saw rent tonight, sorry but for the 20 year anniversary, it just didn't quite hit the mark. The orchestra was way too loud and at times it seemed the cast were screaming their lines. It was hard to understand the majority of the songs. I know it was the opening night here, but to my wife and I we were very disappointed. Would not take children under 15. I didn't remember it being quie that vulgar. The price was a bit high for the evening.

3.0 star rating Cindy from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


We are Rent fans from wayyy back, and although the rest of the cast went BEYOND our expectations (especially Angel, Collins, and Joanne), we were so disappointed in the casting of Mimi. Her voice was sub par, but beyond that, she lacked grace and rhythm. Her dancing was awkward and uncomfortable. I'm sorry if this review is harsh, but it really affected our enjoyment of the show.

3.0 star rating R-D from Las Vegas, Nevada


Music was great. Performance lacked quality. Some singers very loud, hurt the ears. The odd signers off key! Very crude in many scenes. Some overacting. Director should take a second look at his performers. I gave the stars for music and a great set not for performance. A little rough? Perhaps... Many of us left during intermission....

3.0 star rating from Louisville, Kentucky


Oh how I wanted to love this show and have been waiting so long to see it but, unfortunately, my husband and I left feeling let down. The singing was garbled and we could not make out most of what was being sung. Certainly there was an amazingly talented group of performers but, the overall production seemed disjointed and unintelligible.

3.0 star rating Douglas Yul Holt from Springfield, Illinois


I like RENT its theme, music and character. If you've never seen it; then, please do! I've seen several versions and different actors portray the character. I think the one I saw last night was not at the top of the list; Springfield Theater Center did a whole lot better job of portray what is a universal and award winning show.

3.0 star rating Joe from Boston, Massachusetts


I’m from the U.K. and absolutely love RENT. Whilst I was over visiting Boston I saw the show wad touring and thought I’d give it a go. I paid $115 for a ticket and didn’t mind this as it was my last night in states and it’s a broadway tour! I’m saddened to say the cast and production just did not hit the mark, in what felt like an amateur show. Positives: chorus line, ensemble numbers, standout performances from Collins and angel. Negatives: lack of chemistry between cast, poor casting of mimi and roger (the 2 worst performances in the show), lack of passion and mediocre acting. Although it did improve a little more in act 2, for a broadway tour this was way below par especially for $115 a ticket. Sadly left disappointed and wished I’d had time to see a broadway production whilst in New York.

2.0 star rating J & B A from Richmond, Virginia


My wife & I had never seen this show, so we went to see if it could live up to the hype. Meh. A dull show with dull music. The cast gave a valiant effort, but the show is just dull.

2.0 star rating Therese from Baton Rouge, Louisiana


My husband and I saw the April 20 performance of RENT at the Saenger. The set was great, and the music was also. However-I have seen RENT 3 other times, and this was by far the worst. The Roger actor was lagging behind the music from the very beginning and wasn’t “with it” at all. In fact, just before the second act began, it was announced that “The part of Roger will be played by ...” —- I have never seen an actor replaced halfway through a musical! Wow! The entire second act was just off and anti-climactic. How much of that was due to Roger’s replacement, we don’t know. The new Roger was fine, gamely playing the part even though he had DIFFERENT COLORED HAIR than the original Roger. The other main actors were good not great, except Angel, who was wonderful, and Mark, who warmed up and improved as the play went on. If I were you I’d skip this production.

2.0 star rating from Cleveland, Ohio


I saw the movie before going to this production and thank goodness I did, otherwise I would have no idea what was going on! There was so much overacting in this that it made it feel very cheap. And yes, while the tone of this story is supposed to be eclectic, artsy, and erratic; this production is just all over the place and it doesn't come together to make sense. The band is on stage and collides with the singing at times. Good luck trying to decipher the lyrics. Too chaotic, too overdramatic. Some characters are underdeveloped, some singers are off key. I was just so disappointed as I really wanted to love it. The friend that came with me wanted to leave at intermission. Saw the 6:30pm performance on March 11. Season ticket holder. Row Z! Amazing seats!!!! You have to eat at Bin 216 attached to the playhouse and parking in the attached garage is a game changer. Love Playhouse Square!

2.0 star rating DMT from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


This is my 4th time seeing Rent since it first opened in the late 1990s. This 20th Anniversary Touring cast lacked diction and chemistry. If it were not for the wonderful performances of Collins and Angel we would have left at intermission. My husband, seeing Rent for the first time, left frustrated that he didn't understand their words and lost so much of the story line.

2.0 star rating Elizabeth from Columbus, Ohio


Act 1 was boring and hard to follow, lacked character chemistry and honestly, Maureen's solo was so over-reaching it was hard to watch. Act 2 was better because it opened with the show's most memorable song (Seasons of Love) , also because the plot thickened and it was shorter than the first. I appreciate the energy ANY stage actor has to give night after night, and there were some good strong singing voices in the cast, but overall it felt like a period piece that didn't age well and I was relieved when it was over.

2.0 star rating Bud Nolker from Kansas City, Missouri


My wife and I have seen this now 2 2/3 times, we left tonight midway thru second act. The vocals were very good, but the production itself left a lot to be desired. I would have no idea what the heck was going on if I hadn’t seen it in 1997 in DC, and in KC at The Barn here in KC. The latter production was many standard deviations better, and for $15 a ticket. The lyrics were, at times, unintelligible, the pace frenetic, and the story line totally lost. Very disappointing evening for two fans of live theater.

2.0 star rating Gayle from Tempe, Arizona


After hearing about Rent for so many years we really wanted to enjoy the show. We did not. There were some good vocals here and there but overall the sound was horrible and so much so that you could not understand the songs. Since it’s a musical that meant you couldn’t understand the play unless you knew about it ahead of time. I didn’t connect with any of the characters and so really didn’t care what happened in the end. Maureen’s solo was ridiculous and mostly the actors were not convincing. A shame to spend that much money and be so disappointed. I noted that a great number of people either didn’t return for the second act or seemed to be restless for it to be over!

2.0 star rating H.Knighten from Boise, Idaho


I was familiar with poem the show was based on as well as the show itself, and am a great fan of all musicals and shows, but this disjointed mess was so difficult to watch I left at intermission. I waited that long to be polite to the people around me. The choreography was stiff, the cast interaction was awkward at best and most of the time it seemed like each cast member was given a different script than everyone else and then they were all gathered on stage to perform at once. The story deserved a far better portrayal. The sound quality was also below the usual standards, I understand it was opening night and final stage rehearsal to an empty theater vs a full theater will change the sound, but their engineers should know how to compensate for that by now. Overall, I was greatly disappointed in this production altogether. Given the mass exodus at intermission, I don't think that my opinion was that far off of the rest of the people that left at the same time.

2.0 star rating Lisa from San Francisco, California


Me and my husband was actually chocked by the low level of the production. The scenery, the lighting, the mixing, the music, the sound system, everything just felt so cheap and not worked through. The ensemble is wonderful and super talented but is left in the dark by the low level of the whole production. Very disappointing.

2.0 star rating Stacey Richards from Salt Lake City, Utah


My husband and I look forward to attending the theater and have done so in many places around the country and in London. This is a big show and must have been wonderful when it first ran but the 20th anniversary production was a big disappointment. The characters were not able to pull out much emotion. Their delivery of the play was disjointed and the vocals unmemorable. I would guess that a fifth of the theater emptied at intermission. These stories rang flat. How sad. We did stay for the whole show and I am glad we did because that was our reward for enduring the first half. Then the cast’s timing was better and we started to care. Unfortunately it was too little too late. Please note that this an adult show.

2.0 star rating Peter Lewis from El Segundo, CA


My wife and I had dearly wanted to love Rent at The Pantages. We had never seen the show so we were newbees. By the intermission we realized how disappointed we were. While the staging and some individual performances were very good, everything else did not succeed as a production. The band was much too loud so that it drowned out the cast. As a result, we could not understand any of the lyrics. What a shame. In effect, the entire plot and points of view of the characters were unavailable to us. The voices of the cast were generally strong. Since we could not understand what they were singing, it was a waste. They might as well have been singing in a foreign language. We were very disappointed that we were so disappointed. We left during intermission.

2.0 star rating Jess from Los Angeles, California


7/14/19 First time seeing Rent and loved the idea and importance of this show. However, aside from Maureen, Angel, Joanne, and was, ahem, really awful. Mimi and Roger in particular were not cast correctly and were too green to carry a show. With the amount of songs and scenes they were in, these two should never have been cast together. Both actors were off every time they sang a song, like out of key and tempo. Each time. And then the duets...painful. We had to look at our programs to See if they were understudies. It actually made the show less enjoyable. When you witness a performance like Maureen and Joanne’s duet and then have to sit thru a painful duet with two sub par actors it just shines a light on their inequity. Both Mimi and Roger were just off, low energy, out of time and out of sync. Angel was fantastic. Maureen was spectacular. Mark was forgettable. Roger and Mimi shouldn’t have been cast in leads. Overall, It was a mismatched cast. Total shame.

2.0 star rating Donna Bell from Vancouver, British Columbia


I first saw Rent 20 years ago and tonight’s performance can’t hold a candle to what I saw then. I was ready to leave after the first number. The acoustics were terrible, the lyrics couldn’t be heard ( I was sitting C row 11) and the band, especially the drums were too loud. I left at intermission. Save your money, don’t go. I’m a season subscriber and if the productions don’t improve, I will not be renewing my subsciption.

2.0 star rating JM from Vancouver, British Columbia


I've seen this show in the past and loved it and know the music well. But the sound at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre was so bad that I could barely make out the words. I had great seats and was very disappointed. Not sure if it was just this particular show, or if it's the theatre in general. I want to go back but I'm nervous to spend the money again if it's always going to sound like that :(

2.0 star rating Jack Robinson Sr. from Fort Myers, Florida


Did not like the show, singing was not that good. Story and music was so-so. Save your money go see a movie instead.

2.0 star rating Dawn McCarthy from Syracuse, New York


As far as the production, Angel and Tom Collins stole the show. Roger was off key most of the time but overall it would have been enjoyable if the Landmark seating wasn't so horrible. We were on the orchestra floor , spent good money and I was miserable. Could not see the performance because of crowded front view and I'm a small woman and felt cramped with no leg room. We almost left at intermission but touched it out. Will probably never go again to the Landmark. Very unfortunate

2.0 star rating Deborah Storer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Entering the building was difficult. The construction is not finished. Building lacks proper signage. The play started....No Programs? The sound system is terrible. We could not understand the words. And then the feedback in the middle of the show.... We actually stayed through the second half when most were leaving. We were able to hear a little better as the second half songs are louder. I really wished we could have heard more. The actors seemed to be doing a great job. I will sum it up by saying I was very disappointed.

2.0 star rating Tracy Elchyshyn from Los Angeles, California


Someone, somewhere, somehow please pull Rodger aside and help him with his acting. It was PAINFUL! Honestly, video him and then let him watch it back and he will understand. His facial expressions are over the top. His character is supposed to be cool. Mimi has the chops to sing but needs to slow her dancing and kicking down so she can focus more on her singing. There was a young Asian gentleman in the background who honestly kept stealing focus because he was so damn good. The director needs to give him a chance at playing Rodger! Also the staging is often just awkward. Don’t have your actors move, just to move. There needs to be purpose. The movements between mom and Rodger were often so awkward, it just felt uncomfortable. Maureen was great in the over the moon scene but her singing struggled at other parts. Mark, Angel and Collin were good but Angel needed pipes above the table to drum on. I hated the staging of all the people up top and one down below during the support group.

1.0 star rating Tom from Cincinnati, Ohio


Went to the 12/14 performance in Cincinnati. This could have been so much better... not sure anyone advised the cast of what AIDS was like in the '80s and '90s. There was no chemistry on stage, especially during Act 1. Roger and Mimi - take some voice lessons! Off key was more frequent than on-key. And Angel needs to go to a few drag shows to see what a real drag queen is like. Act 2 was a bit better, but overall, I've seen better high school productions. This is the second poor show we've seen in the Broadway series this year (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was the other). Seems like casting for these shows is becoming increasingly difficult. For the current high prices for tickets, we will be reconsidering our choice for 2019/2020. Sure hope Hamilton has a worthy cast.

1.0 star rating E. Sack from Cincinnati, Ohio


Oh my.....left at intermission and have NEVER done that before in my life! Kiddos, your sound was bad. Couldn't understand a word. Mark and Roger needed enthusiasm for your characters. Benny, you need to play in JesusChrist Superstar; your voice can handle it because near as I could tell you have the range. Mimi, you tried, but it's a hard demanding part. Angel, you were my delight! And Maureen? There's a difference between enthusiasm and over acting. You accomplished the later. Joanne, Light My's a hard song. Look y'all, you're young and RENT is big. And this time you just didn't knock the ball out of the park.

1.0 star rating Mary O'Meara from Richmond, Virginia


Went to see the show at the Altria Theater Richmond, VA and couldn't wait for intermission. As soon as the lights went on for intermission there was a mass exodus to leave. Music was boring, couldn't understand the actors speaking, stupid story line. If I could have given zero stars I would. Don't waste your money

1.0 star rating Linda from New Orleans, Louisiana


If I could give this a 0 I would. Horrible performance. I am a season ticket holder and left at intermission, as MANY others did. Went to the restroom before intermission and the restroom was FULL of people who were disgusted and said they were leaving. Singing was terrible. No flow to it--you could not figure out the story line--and I KNOW the story line. Singers were not of acceptable quality. Worse than high school quality performance.

1.0 star rating Lucy from New Orleans, Louisiana


Walked out at intermission and so did a large part of the audience. Very disappointing. I knew what RENT was about. Not sure what was wrong but you couldn’t understand most of what was said or sung. Zero energy. Maybe the cast enjoyed New Orleans too much? First play I’ve walked out of in a long long time.

1.0 star rating Lisa from Worcester, Massachusetts


I agree with what has been said here. I could not understand the lyrics, the direction of characters was chaotic and I left with my husband at intermission. I have never left a show before! I have never seen rent before and wish I had a better exposure to it. Over acting, too much going on at any given moment and any poignant moments were lost.

1.0 star rating SKIPPER from Worcester, Massachusetts


I understand how important the subjects are but I have no understanding of why it was done in this way. There is no flow to the musical, the emotional struggle is missed, the play feels like it was stuck together like a bad scrapbook made by a 5 year old. I have been to many plays but this was by far the worst. I wish i could get it out of my head. The theater is great and the seating is set up conformably, the Hanover is a great place.

1.0 star rating Cindy Jackson from Cleveland, Ohio


This performance was a real snooze fest. Very substandard acting. The staging of the keyboard player/arranger was terrible. The entire show at the Playhouse we are left staring at his backside. He sticks out and is almost part of the cast! They should have tucked EVERYONE in the band out of site. This wouldn't have helped this show, but who sees the backend of a piano player during a professional stage show?

1.0 star rating Allan Licht from Cleveland, Ohio


My letter sent to Playhouse Square. ABL RECORDS Allan Bradley Music (BMI) 1994 Som Center Rd. Cleveland, Ohio 44124 216.904.9348 Dear Ms. Vernaci, I attended RENT in Cleveland last Sunday night March 25th. I was very disappointed. It’s very rare that I have such strong feelings about a production, but on this occasion I feel compelled to say something. Last night was the 8th RENT production that I’ve seen. When I saw the original cast with Daphne Rubin-Vega, Anthony Rapp, and Adam Pascal I was moved to the bottom of my soul. Vocally the kids sang fine last night, but their performances were passionless and uninspiring. They seemed very young, inexperienced, and disconnected from their roles. They were not even close to bringing to life their characters. I understand comparing to the original may not be fair, but these kids were average at best. I know what I saw in 1996 was a soul-stirring movement with “the best of the best,” but professional actors should have no problem recr

1.0 star rating Molly from Cleveland, Ohio


I have seen RENT 5 times including tonight. What a huge disappointment! A whole new generation won’t have the ability to fall in love with these characters, the songs, the passion. If you are going to bring back something as amazing as RENT, respect it and do it right! There was zero passion or acting going on. Many actors were off key or Unable to hit the notes at all. I felt no connection or even care for these characters. More so they ruined RENT for me. I will never go see another production of RENT for Fear I would see this again. The story was impossible to follow, characters were soulless and songs were yelled not sung. The end scene with Roger and Mimi was ridiculous. This cast has placed a horrible cloud over RENT and destroyed it for future generations. Lastly the whole thing seemed rushed and glued together.

1.0 star rating Cindy Jones from Cleveland, Ohio


The entire cast was embarrassingly bad.

1.0 star rating Allan Licht/ABL RECORDS from Cleveland, Ohio


It lacked heart, connection, and yes, they all sang well-but the acting and character development was poorly executed. The 2 leads Roger and Mimi had zero chemistry between one another. Jonathon Larson would not be a happy man.

1.0 star rating Craig from Spokane, Washington


Saw it last night and left at the break. Could not understand the words in many of the songs. Could not follow the story line. Many people left at the break, as I saw them coming out of the INB onto the street. The actors were very good, I in no way want to put them down, hats off to them.

1.0 star rating Larry from Columbus, Ohio


I've seen Rent several times, this version almost seemed unrecognizable, and not in a good way. Re-imagined song arrangements fell flat, odd transitions in areas that seemed highschool-ish. Many of songs lyrics inaudible or rambled through. Just odd.

1.0 star rating Keith from Tempe, Arizona


From the start: Mix of band on stage and vocals were in competition all night Shout singing mixed w sound levels being off - made the story confusing Lack of chemistry between most of the characters A little over acting was to be expected but this was wayyyy over the top Left at intermission feeling that it was more an opportunity for patrons who saw the show 20 yrs ago were to reminisce- but if it was your first time ... you were totally lost and did not appreciate the inside jokes. Most disappointed with the off key shout singing.

1.0 star rating L Holbrook from Boise, Idaho


The production I saw was worse than a high school production. The music was difficult to understand. The actors were not good. The storyline was difficult to follow. It was not engaging or entertaining in anyway. We ended up leaving during intermission along with half the audience. It was 90 minutes we will never get back. I know this show has won awards and so I am wondering if it was just this touring group or is this just a show I don't like.

1.0 star rating Carol Stein from Santa Barbara, California


We were so excited to see Rent and willing to spend a lot of money on our orchestra seats. I've never felt compelled to write a bad review , but here it is. The Granada wasn't the best venue for this production as the accoustics. in the theatre were abysmal. We couldn't hear the lyrics and thus could not follow the plot line. It just seemed like a lot of shouting . We left feeling uninspired and dissatisfied.

1.0 star rating Lisa Richards from San Francisco, California


Rent at San Francisco Golden Gate Theatre. Wow that was something else. Something bad. It was so loud we had to cover our ears because you could not hear the lyrics anyway unless you looked at the monitor. Acting was bad. Bad casting. There was no real chemistry between Roger and Mimi. Watch some shows from other cultures and learn casting. If there is no chemistry between lovers the show will suffer. You can't fake it audience is too smart. There were times I thought they will turn the show around and it would get better but it never did. I read all the bad reviews but I still went to see it. Don't be making that mistake again.

1.0 star rating Harold from San Francisco, California


Be forewarned- this is a non-Equity, very cheap — and very unsatisfying— production. The acting (if you can call it that) is at the level of a community college production at best. The sound is awful- way over-miked and so poorly mixed as to render the dialogue and singing largely unintelligible. The lighting is pathetically bad — much of the time you can not even see the actors’ faces. SHN should be ashamed of themselves for tricking audiences into thinking this would be a Broadway caliber production.

1.0 star rating from Salt Lake City, Utah


My husband and I attend theatre all over the world. We’ve never left a show...until today. We couldn’t wait for intermission! This production was horrible! Couldn’t understand songs, many vocals off key, no energy with the actors. It was simply dismal! Do not take kids or your Mom!

1.0 star rating Stan from Los Angeles, California


I've been a big fan of Rent. Such a deep and meaningful story, beautiful songs, and the characters that speak to most of us.. But the show in July 2019 in Hollywood was a total disappointment. Too loud music relative to the voices, the actors were mumbling so that you could barely understand them. It seems they took away some parts that made the whole story illogical and not clear. The actors were great and talented - but not for Rent. Disaster. I regret I paid $100 for the ticket.

1.0 star rating Michelle from Los Angeles, California


We have seen Rent in New York, Chicago and LA and cannot believe the production of this show in Los Angeles for the 20th anniversary. The producers must be tone deaf and have no eye for talent. Do not waste your time or money to see it. The entire cast seemed to be singing off key and their choice for Mimi and Roger who are main characters could not have been worse. At intermission several patrons left and as they walked out one couple asked if we wanted their tickets which were third row center. Couldn’t think of anything more painful so we handed those tickets off to a young couple who had never seen the show before. We did stay until the end but ditched out before the applause started for the cast. Couldn't even give them that courtesy. This was my 20 year wedding anniversary and thought it would be nostalgic to take my husband to see the show. What a disappointment. Shame on the producers and directors who put this show on. Such a disappointment. It’s disjointed and awful.

1.0 star rating Sharna Kinsey from Houston, Texas


I have never seen Rent, and was really excited to see it. We are season ticket holders, so we see a lot of musicals. First time walking out of a production at intermission. I had no idea what was happening, couldn’t hear the songs, didn’t connect with any of the characters, and just didn’t care to. I thought that maybe the show didn’t age well, but judging by the other comments, this is just a bad production. I’ve see high school musicals that were better than this.

1.0 star rating Barbara from Houston, Texas


We have season tickets and left at intermission. The play seemed to be about starving artists and their ordeals, but not sure as there seemed to be no story line and the singing was hard to understand. Very disappointing play. The man in charge of valet parking indicated he would need to have more parking attendants at intermission for the rest of the week, as many people were leaving early.

1.0 star rating Rob from Calgary, Alberta


What I watched was a watered down expression of a musical that once had an impact on society. Two of the three male lead singers were brutally bad particularly the gentleman who played Mark. The sound was not good and the fact that the actors sing every line in the musical was not only irritating but hard to follow. For anyone who has seen a true grand performance you would know this was not it! A disappointment with some very stirring numbers such as “light my candle” . The ladies were outstanding as was “Tom and Angel”. Any standing ovation was because it’s what your supposed to do.....not deserved.

1.0 star rating Marie B. from Calgary, Alberta


Wow - where do I even begin? Terrible production, music too loud, sound was so terrible I needed to cover my ears multiple times, couldn’t understand the lyrics to properly follow the story, singing sounded more like screaming at times, lack of chemistry between characters (Mimi and Roger), overacting (Maureen), sad excuse for a leading role (Mark)... overall a very junior crew giving it their best shot, but failing miserably. The positives? Outstanding, touching performance by Angel, and solid mastering of singing by Tom Collins. We thought about leaving at intermission, but decided to stay for the (shorter) second act. 3 hours of our lives we will never get back. We sure hope the next 2 events we’ve purchased tickets for will be better than this one.

1.0 star rating Phill from Calgary, Alberta


We were sadly disappointed by the casts ability to make this a good performance. Pitchy singing that was more screaming.

1.0 star rating Disappointed from Calgary, Alberta


Disappointed with the acting however the singers where extremely talented and had amazing voices. Having never seen the show before - the program did not prepare us for what was going on. Judging by the number of people who left at half way - they did not get it either.

1.0 star rating from Calgary, Alberta


The singers were very talented but the overall production was lacking. We hadn't seen rent before and there wasn't really any storyline to the musical. We have been broadway across Canada members for 5 or 6 years and this was our first disappointment. We had friends who left at intermission and at the end of the show we were wishing we had left too.

1.0 star rating from Vancouver, British Columbia


Went with three others and at intermission we all looked at each other and asked “what was that???” We couldn’t understand any of the words. The actors all shouted. There was no chemistry between them. We had no idea what the story line was and bailed. Brutal. Wish we could get our money back. Never left a broadway musical before - this production should never have been part of the BAC. Really, really bad!

1.0 star rating Katy from Vancouver, British Columbia


So disappointed! As others have said, I couldn’t make out the lyrics at all! I could barely piece together a storyline. No idea why the audience was encouraged to ‘moo’ along with the cast member. None of us had seen Rent before, and yet my party of four enthusiastically and unanimously agreed to leave at intermission. Very unfortunate to have been subject to this production of Rent considering its long and successful history on stage. I feel like I missed an opportunity to become a fan as so many others have through the years.

1.0 star rating KJL from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Terrible audio. Spotlights couldn't find the singers. Singers out of tune and inarticulate. Band WAY TOO LOUD. Terrible experience all around.

1.0 star rating Marie B. from Ottawa, Ontario


I was excited to attend the performance of Rent this evening at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. We had great seats. I had never seen Rent before. I prepared myself beforehand, by reading about the musical earlier in the week, particularly about the plot and important themes that are as important today as they were 20 years ago. Well... I really really did not like it! The songs were terrible, not catchy at all, and I did not feel moved by them as I so wanted to be. The sound was loud and the lyrics difficult to understand. The cast had good voices but did not have good songs to sing. The set was too busy. The choreography was terrible, no fluid movements, more just jumping around. We left at intermission. I would not recommend this musical. I love attending that musical in which the songs are inspiring and you get that pleasant feeling deep in your soul and days afterwards, you want to hear that music over and over again. This is definitely not that musical!!!

1.0 star rating Anna from Boston from Boston, Massachusetts


I love live theatre and have a ton of respect for actors who give it their all every night. I feel that these actors brought that; however, I had no idea what was happening. Totally confused. While the actors had tons of energy and enthusiasm, the music made no sense to me lyrically or musically. It felt more like noise. Dialogue should be updated so we understand what was happening at the time. Never left a show early until now. Didn't even make it to intermission.

1.0 star rating Bh from Boston, Massachusetts


Awful.have never left a show before. Wish I hadn’t spent $200 per ticket. It was so awful I was angry with the world.

1.0 star rating from Dayton, Ohio


Couldn’t follow story nothing but loud disjointed music left at intermission

1.0 star rating Clif from Denver, Colorado


Wife and Left at intermission ( with approximately 100 others) due to being irritated that the vocals were as clear as mud. We couldn’t make any sense of the story and subplots. Not sure what caused this problem but the folks we spoke with all agreed.

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